Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Peasants Now Want to Work For Free

Here's another sign that the kleptocrats are winning. Peasants now desire to work for free. That's right, they want to work for free.

The reasons are standard: improve one's resume (for what? future unpaid work?), have something to do while out of a job, and get some dignity (slavery = dignity?).

All these reasons are fueling demand. Hundreds of people are willing to answer long questionnaires and go through several interviews for the possibility of working grueling 16 hour days and paying for their supplies!  It would probably be easier to bribe some of these employers for a reference rather than to actually wasting money, time, and energy working for them. How stupid the peasants are.

Fortune calls it the "new normal." We are to expect more of this in the future. That makes sense. Since there's so much demand, supply will climb in order to meet it.

There are probably many more peasants who receive paychecks but spend more money getting to work than they get paid. One Starbucks worker mentioned in the article linked above, for example, spends most of her pay on the gas she needs to get to work. If you take insurance, repair bills, taxes, and other costs, she's probably losing money. And she's just one example.

The kleptocrats score another point.

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